Experience & Services


Church consulting is an investment in your future by careful evaluation and planning.


Certified Consultant

Certified Consultant


Education and Experience

Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lincoln Christian College - Now Lincoln Christian University.

Bachelor of Sacred Music from Lincoln Christian College - Now Lincoln Christian University.

Master of Science from Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas

College Teaching Experience:

  • Lincoln Christian College - Instructor in Music

  • Ozark Christian College - Instructor in Speech and Practical Ministries.

  • Owens Community College - Adjunct teaching in World Religions & Introduction to Philosophy.

Brotherhood Participation

  • Served on planning committees for NACC and National Missionary Convention (Now ICOM).

  • Served as Chairman of Executive Committee for CDEA (Church Planting Ministry now IGNITE)

Pastoral ministries

  • Student Ministries begun in 1962

  • Full-time Pastoral Ministries begun in 1968 through 2017 in multiple staff settings.

  • Served Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Oklahoma.

Personal history

  • Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Elementary School in Montana

  • Secondary School in Wisconsin


  • Married for 55 years

  • Three adult daughters

  • Two Grandsons

Consulting Services

Hourly $50 an hour

  • Skype, Go To Meeting, FaceTime, Phone

  • In person within 50 miles

  • In person over 50 miles is $50 plus mileage.

Comprehensive Consulting

  • Time Frame: 15-16 weeks

  • Using priority search for local data

  • Church Health Survey

  • Demographic information

  • On-site interviews

  • Facility on-site observation & evaluation

  • Worship & Sunday morning evaluation

  • Presentation to congregati0n (TBA)

  • Complete written evaluation delivered in three weeks.

Consulting Fee

  • $2500.00 with payments made incrementally.

  • All accomplished with agreement necessary between church leaders and minister.

  • Consulting agreement is written contract.