Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the cost of consulting?

2. What is the cost of a comprehensive consultation?

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Answers to your questions

1. The cost of consulting depends on the extent of the consultation. Sometimes that consulting is just a dialogue about a leadership issue or answering a question about a problem. That is offered at an hourly rate.

Often the question in a practical way must be: "What will it cost if we do not get consultation?

2. The cost of a comprehensive consultation for small to medium size church is $2500.00. This involves:

  • Research into the local church history, usually provided in cooperation with the Minister and Elders, participating.
  • A demographic study based on the most recent and available census information.
  • A Church Health Analysis that is information gathered from a selected number of congregation members through a written survey.
  • Analysis of information by consultant.
  • An On-Site visit for personal interviews for collaboration of information.
  • A tour of facilities and property for effective application of analysis.
  • An observation of worship services and Bible Study times to discover both utilization and effectiveness of each portion of morning services.
  • A presentation of findings to congregation on that Sunday evening.
  • A follow-up written observations and recommendations for further action.