Giving God Priority For The Church

Seeking God’s Priority For Today’s Church!

The Church is God's divine idea for communicating the Gospel to the world. Being sure that He is our priority and seeking Him is what keeps our focus clear. Consultation with a neutral third party, like Norheim Church Consulting, is often a way to renew our determination to be His Church.

Our Ministry

Our priority is to seek the Lord for who His is and what it is that He wants for His Church. We begin with determining first that we will seek the Lord in prayer and carefully search the Scripture for His guidance. Church leaders and Neil Norheim, as the consultant, will be prayer partners for the consultation.


Where Shall We Begin?

Listening is the key to learning. That includes retrieving local church history, working in cooperation with the Minister and Elders. A vital component in that research includes information gathered from the congregation using a very thorough assessment called "Church Health Assessment". This instrument gathers information for six critical areas: Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry, Prayer and Fellowship.


Do We Need A Consultant?

A strategic advantage that a consultant brings is a clear and objective view of the church's vision, mission, purpose and plans, in order to be effective. Most leaders need a perspective that fresh eyes bring to their culture and mission. 




Personal Experience With Pastoral  Expertise


Our Practice

With the experience of 50 years of ministerial practice in healthy and unhealthy pastoral ministries, Neil has an passionate understanding that is very practical.


Have you thought that if you just wait, things will get better? When the "things" don't get better, waiting won't help.

"Complacency is a small step from a comfortable disobedience."-Norheim